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Whether you are hungry for some Tech Read Ups or craving some Yummy Unix Commands & Examples, or you would like to sample different technologies, NET SOUP is the right place for you.

You have found a buffet overflowing with Tech Contents and Application Features, bringing a wealth of online tech references directly to you, in your custom "NET SOUP bowl".

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Something for Everyone

NET SOUP's rich menu selection of documentations brings valuable information and the web, directly to YOU. See more ...

You get the contents of thousands of online programs, APIs and tools, making your reference search fast, easy and fun. NET SOUP gives you:

Make Your Dish

NET SOUP puts you in charge! You have the power to make your "soup" quicker, richer and yummier. See more ...

You are the "Executive Chef" of your NET SOUP. All of the ingredients you need are already created and ready to access, so you can easily assemble a unique "serving" of NET SOUP.

With NET SOUP, you have:

  • The ability to browse, search, and quickly look up references
  • The power to easily add references to your favorites
  • The convenience to review your recently read documents
  • The opportunity to select from many pre-built reference lists
  • The flexibility to create the bookmarks that matter to you daily
  • The vehicle to share your wisdom with the like-minded audience
  • The context for discussion of technical topics
  • The companion of Slide Share and Stack Overflow to help you get more answers

Patron with Us

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When you become a NET SOUP member, you get the benefit of an appliance that delivers heaps of information right to your plate. No more waiting in line! Your NET SOUP membership is your overflowing serving of an unlimited technical buffet that will satisfy your appetite for knowledge in a fun and productive manner.

As a member, your benefits include:

  • Your favorites and bookmarks are kept securely in the cloud for you. Whether your are at your desk working or on the go with your mobile, your favorites are with you
  • You can start a discussion thread or share your examples/insights or illustrations
  • You can rate your fellow users' contribution

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