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NET SOUP Tech Bowl

NET SOUP is hearty in content and application features.

If you are ready to have a NET SOUP feast, Please select one of the categories below to start.

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The list below is just the beginning of the NET SOUP SMORGASBOARD! Here's SOME of the things you can do on the NET SOUP app:

  • Browse references (commands/ RFC/ etc...) by selecting different categories and lists in the navigation toolbar, under Category Change, and Category Selection.
  • For every article/documentation, from the title bar, you can add the document to your favorites (right botton), or check for community contributions/insights (Docs/Insights button).
  • Go to related references, previous references or your favorites through the clickable tabs on the navigation bar.
  • Drag a reference entry to your favorites to help you speed up the process of building the favorites list.
  • Create notes to the user community to share your knowledge and gotchas.
  • Vote on the contributions of others.
  • More to come...
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