Apache Ant is a Java-based build tool. In theory, it is kind of like make, without make's wrinkles.

Ant is a building tool written in Java and for the Java developers. But it can be used for any build task. Ant was the successor of Make, and it's been around almost as long as Java has.

Unlike Make, where you specify rules with text and tabspace and write all action with shell commands, Ant uses XML for rules and provides a large set of common utilities/tasks that you can just use.

Each of the Ant's task is a Java class implementing some build operations. The nice thing about this is that most of the OS dependent work is wrapped inside the implementation class and developers don't need to be bothered with low level OS operations.

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intro Introduction
installlist Installing Apache Ant
install Getting Ant
install System Requirements
install Installing Ant
install Check Installation
install Optional Tasks
install Building Ant
install Library Dependencies
platform Platform Specific Issues
proxy Proxy configuration
usinglist Using Apache Ant
using Writing a Simple Buildfile
runninglist Running Apache Ant
running Command Line
running Running Ant via Java
anttaskslist Ant Tasks
tasksoverview Overview of Ant Tasks
tasklist List of Tasks
Tasks/ant Ant
Tasks/antcall AntCall
Tasks/antlr ANTLR
Tasks/antstructure AntStructure
Tasks/antversion AntVersion
Tasks/apply Apply/ExecOn
Tasks/apt Apt
Tasks/attrib Attrib
Tasks/augment Augment
Tasks/available Available
Tasks/basename Basename
Tasks/bindtargets Bindtargets
Tasks/buildnumber BuildNumber
Tasks/unpack BUnzip2
Tasks/pack BZip2
Tasks/cab Cab
Tasks/ccm Continuus/Synergy Tasks
Tasks/ccm CCMCheckin
Tasks/ccm CCMCheckout
Tasks/ccm CCMCheckinTask
Tasks/ccm CCMReconfigure
Tasks/ccm CCMCreateTask
Tasks/changelog CvsChangeLog
Tasks/checksum Checksum
Tasks/chgrp Chgrp
Tasks/chmod Chmod
Tasks/chown Chown
Tasks/clearcase Clearcase Tasks
Tasks/clearcase Introduction
Tasks/componentdef Componentdef
Tasks/concat Concat
Tasks/condition Condition
Tasks/copy Copy
Tasks/copydir Copydir
Tasks/copyfile Copyfile
Tasks/cvs Cvs
Tasks/cvspass CVSPass
Tasks/cvstagdiff CvsTagDiff
Tasks/cvsversion CvsVersion
Tasks/defaultexcludes Defaultexcludes
Tasks/delete Delete
Tasks/deltree Deltree
Tasks/depend Depend
Tasks/dependset Dependset
Tasks/diagnostics Diagnostics
Tasks/dirname Dirname
Tasks/ear Ear
Tasks/echo Echo
Tasks/echoproperties Echoproperties
Tasks/echoxml EchoXML
Tasks/ejb EJB Tasks
Tasks/ejb Introduction
Tasks/ejb EJB Tasks
Tasks/exec Exec
Tasks/fail Fail
Tasks/filter Filter
Tasks/fixcrlf FixCRLF
Tasks/ftp FTP
Tasks/genkey GenKey
Tasks/get Get
Tasks/hostinfo Hostinfo
Tasks/image Image
Tasks/import Import
Tasks/include Include
Tasks/input Input
Tasks/jar Jar
Tasks/jarlib-available Jarlib-available
Tasks/jarlib-display Jarlib-display
Tasks/jarlib-manifest Jarlib-manifest
Tasks/jarlib-resolve Jarlib-resolve
Tasks/java Java
Tasks/javac Javac
Tasks/javacc JavaCC
Tasks/javadoc Javadoc/Javadoc2
Tasks/javah Javah
Tasks/jdepend JDepend
Tasks/jjdoc JJDoc
Tasks/jjtree JJTree
Tasks/jlink Jlink
Tasks/jspc JspC
Tasks/junit JUnit
Tasks/junitreport JUnitReport
Tasks/length Length
Tasks/loadfile LoadFile
Tasks/loadproperties LoadProperties
Tasks/loadresource LoadResource
Tasks/local Local
Tasks/macrodef MacroDef
Tasks/mail Mail
Tasks/makeurl MakeURL
Tasks/manifest Manifest
Tasks/manifestclasspath ManifestClassPath
Tasks/mimemail MimeMail
Tasks/mkdir Mkdir
Tasks/move Move
Tasks/native2ascii Native2Ascii
Tasks/netrexxc NetRexxC
Tasks/nice Nice
Tasks/parallel Parallel
Tasks/patch Patch
Tasks/pathconvert PathConvert
Tasks/presetdef PreSetDef
Tasks/projecthelper ProjectHelper
Tasks/property Property
Tasks/propertyfile PropertyFile
Tasks/propertyhelper PropertyHelper
Tasks/pvcstask Pvcs
Tasks/pvcstask Introduction
Tasks/pvcstask Pvcs Task
Tasks/recorder Record
Tasks/rename Rename
Tasks/renameextensions RenameExtensions
Tasks/replace Replace
Tasks/replaceregexp ReplaceRegExp
Tasks/resourcecount ResourceCount
Tasks/retry Retry
Tasks/rexec RExec
Tasks/rmic Rmic
Tasks/rpm Rpm
Tasks/schemavalidate SchemaValidate
Tasks/scp Scp
Tasks/script Script
Tasks/scriptdef Scriptdef
Tasks/sequential Sequential
Tasks/serverdeploy ServerDeploy
Tasks/setproxy Setproxy
Tasks/signjar SignJar
Tasks/sleep Sleep
Tasks/sos SourceOffSite
Tasks/sos Introduction
Tasks/sos The Tasks
Tasks/sound Sound
Tasks/splash Splash
Tasks/sql Sql
Tasks/sshexec Sshexec
Tasks/sshsession Sshsession
Tasks/subant Subant
Tasks/symlink Symlink
Tasks/sync Sync
Tasks/tar Tar
Tasks/taskdef Taskdef
Tasks/telnet Telnet
Tasks/tempfile Tempfile
Tasks/touch Touch
Tasks/translate Translate
Tasks/truncate Truncate
Tasks/tstamp TStamp
Tasks/typedef Typedef
Tasks/unzip Unjar
Tasks/uptodate Uptodate
Tasks/verifyjar VerifyJar
Tasks/vss Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Tasks
Tasks/waitfor Waitfor
Tasks/war War
Tasks/whichresource WhichResource
Tasks/wljspc Weblogic JSP Compiler
Tasks/xmlproperty XmlProperty
Tasks/xmlvalidate XmlValidate
Tasks/style XSLT/Style
Tasks/zip Zip
conceptstypeslist Concepts and Types
targets Targets and Extension-Points
properties Properties and PropertyHelpers
sysclasspath build.sysclasspath
javacprops Ant properties controlling javac
Tasks/common Common Attributes
ifunless If and Unless Attributes
Types/classfileset Class Fileset
Types/description Description Type
dirtasks Directory-based Tasks
Types/dirset DirSet
Types/extension Extension Package
Types/extensionset Set of Extension Packages
Types/filelist FileList
Types/fileset FileSet
Types/mapper File Mappers
Types/filterchain FilterChains and FilterReaders
Types/filterset FilterSet
Types/multirootfileset MultiRootFileSet
Types/patternset PatternSet
using Path-like Structures
Types/permissions Permissions
Types/propertyset PropertySet
Types/redirector I/O Redirectors
Types/regexp Regexp
Types/filterchain LineContainsRegexp filter
Types/filterchain ContainsRegex string filter
Types/filterchain ReplaceRegex string filter
Types/selectors filename selector
Types/resources name resource selector
Types/selectors containsregexp selector
Types/resources Resources
Types/resources resource
Types/resources bzip2resource
Types/resources file
Types/resources gzipresource
Types/resources javaresource
Types/resources propertyresource
Types/resources string
Types/resources tarentry
Types/resources url
Types/resources zipentry
Types/resources Resource Collections
Types/selectors Selectors
Types/tarfileset TarFileSet
Types/xmlcatalog XMLCatalog
Types/zipfileset ZipFileSet
Types/namespace Namespace Support
Types/antlib Antlib
Types/antlib Antlib namespace
Types/antlib Current namespace
Types/custom-programming Custom Components
Types/custom-programming Conditions
Types/custom-programming Selectors
Types/custom-programming FilterReaders
listeners Loggers Listeners
ide Editor/IDE Integration
Integration/jext-plugin AntWork Plugin for the Jext Java Text Editor (unbundled)
developlist Developing with Ant
develop Writing Your Own Task
base_task_classes Tasks Designed for Extension
develop Build Events
develop Source-code Integration
inputhandler InputHandler
antexternal Using Ant Tasks Outside of Ant
projecthelper The Ant frontend: ProjectHelper
running Java System Properties
argumentprocessor The Command Line Processor Plugin:ArgumentProcessor
tutorial-HelloWorldWithAnt Hello World with Ant
tutorial-HelloWorldWithAnt Preparing the project
tutorial-HelloWorldWithAnt Enhance the build file
tutorial-HelloWorldWithAnt Enhance the build file
tutorial-HelloWorldWithAnt Using external libraries
tutorial-HelloWorldWithAnt Resources
tutorial-writing-tasks Writing Tasks
tutorial-writing-tasks Set up the build environment
tutorial-writing-tasks Write the Task
tutorial-writing-tasks Use the Task
tutorial-writing-tasks Integration with TaskAdapter
tutorial-writing-tasks Deriving from Apache Ant's Task
tutorial-writing-tasks Accessing the Task's Project
tutorial-writing-tasks Attributes
tutorial-writing-tasks Nested Text
tutorial-writing-tasks Nested Elements
tutorial-writing-tasks Our task in a little more complex version
tutorial-writing-tasks Test the Task
tutorial-writing-tasks Debugging
tutorial-writing-tasks Resources
develop Manual 'Writing Your Own Task' [3]
tutorial-tasks-filesets-properties Tasks using Properties, Filesets Paths
tutorial-tasks-filesets-properties The goal
tutorial-tasks-filesets-properties Build environment
tutorial-tasks-filesets-properties Property access
tutorial-tasks-filesets-properties Using filesets
tutorial-tasks-filesets-properties Using nested paths
tutorial-tasks-filesets-properties Returning a list
tutorial-tasks-filesets-properties Documentation
tutorial-tasks-filesets-properties Contribute the new task
tutorial-tasks-filesets-properties Resources
tutorials Tutorials
api/index Ant API
feedback Feedback and Troubleshooting
credits Authors
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