CherryPy is a python web framework with minimal dependency.

CherryPy is a minimalistic webframework written in Python. This allows user to scale their functionality as needed rather than bundling all unused modules inside a web server

With CherryPy, you can bring up a web server in no-time. Since it's small, you can easily make it an embedded web server for your devices without sweat.

Even being thin, CherryPy gives user the power to manipulate URL, handlers, HTTP headers without tears. And since it is Python, you can bring in CherryPy whatever Python modoules you need to make your task super easy.

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List of Commands

intro/index intro
intro/whycherrypy Why choose CherryPy?
intro/whycherrypy 1. Simplicity
intro/whycherrypy 2. Power
intro/whycherrypy 3. Maturity
intro/whycherrypy 4. Community
intro/whycherrypy 5. Deployability
intro/whycherrypy 6. It’s free!
intro/whycherrypy 7. Where to go from here?
intro/install Installation
intro/install Prerequisites
intro/install Download Stable Versions
intro/install Using pip or easy_install
intro/install Unix/Mac
intro/install Windows
intro/install Next Steps
intro/install Development versions
intro/install Standalone WSGI server
intro/license CherryPy License (BSD)
tutorial/index tutorial
tutorial/basics Your first CherryPy application
tutorial/basics How does it work?
tutorial/basics CherryPy structure
tutorial/basics CherryPy Response
tutorial/basics HTTP Headers
tutorial/exposing Exposing
tutorial/exposing Exposing objects
tutorial/dispatching Dispatching
tutorial/dispatching Dispatchers
tutorial/dispatching PageHandler Objects
tutorial/dispatching Configuration
tutorial/config Configuration
tutorial/config Architecture
tutorial/config Declaration
tutorial/config Namespaces
tutorial/config Environments
tutorial/tools Tools
tutorial/tools Using Tools
tutorial/tools help(Tool)
tutorial/engine The CherryPy Engine
tutorial/engine State Management
tutorial/engine Channels
tutorial/engine Plugins
tutorial/REST Creating a RESTful API
tutorial/REST Overview
tutorial/REST Getting Started
tutorial/REST GET
tutorial/REST POST
tutorial/REST PUT
tutorial/REST DELETE
tutorial/REST Multiple Resources
tutorial/REST Conclusion and Further Steps
progguide/index progguide
progguide/choosingtemplate Choosing a templating language
progguide/choosingtemplate Mako
progguide/choosingtemplate Jinja2
progguide/choosingtemplate Genshi
progguide/choosingtemplate Others
progguide/ Exceptions
progguide/ Redirecting POST
progguide/ Custom Error Handling
progguide/ Classes
progguide/ Functions
progguide/files/index File Handling
progguide/files/downloading Downloading files
progguide/files/favicon Serving the favorite icon
progguide/files/static Serving Static Content
progguide/files/uploading Uploading Files
progguide/ Logging
progguide/ Simple config
progguide/ Architecture
progguide/ Custom Handlers
progguide/ Classes
progguide/responsetimeouts Response Timeouts
progguide/responsetimeouts Timeout Monitor
progguide/ Sessions
progguide/ Locking sessions
progguide/ Expiring Sessions
progguide/ Session Fixation Protection
progguide/ Sharing Sessions
progguide/ Expiration Dates
progguide/ Classes
progguide/ Functions
progguide/security Securing CherryPy
progguide/security Using Secure Socket Layers (SSL)
progguide/security Further Security Resources
progguide/extending/index Extending CherryPy
progguide/extending/customtools Custom Tools
progguide/extending/customplugins Custom Plugins
deployguide/index deployguide
deployguide/apache Deploying CherryPy behind Apache
deployguide/ cherrypy.process.servers – HTTP Server interfaces
deployguide/ Multiple servers/ports
deployguide/ FastCGI/SCGI
deployguide/ Classes
deployguide/ Functions
deployguide/ cherrypy.wsgiserver – WSGI Server
deployguide/ HTTP
deployguide/ Request Entities
deployguide/ Exceptions
deployguide/ Thread Pool
deployguide/ SSL
deployguide/ WSGI
refman/index refman
refman/_cpchecker cherrypy._cpchecker
refman/_cpchecker Classes
refman/_cpconfig cherrypy._cpconfig
refman/_cpconfig Architecture
refman/_cpconfig Declaration
refman/_cpconfig Namespaces
refman/_cpconfig Classes
refman/_cpconfig Functions
refman/_cpdispatch cherrypy._cpdispatch – Mapping URI’s to handlers
refman/_cpdispatch Classes
refman/_cperror cherrypy._cperror
refman/_cperror Redirecting POST
refman/_cperror Custom Error Handling
refman/_cperror Anticipated HTTP responses
refman/_cperror Unanticipated errors
refman/_cperror Classes
refman/_cperror Functions
refman/_cplogging cherrypy._cplogging
refman/_cplogging Simple config
refman/_cplogging Architecture
refman/_cplogging Separate scopes
refman/_cplogging Errors vs. Access
refman/_cplogging Custom Handlers
refman/_cplogging Classes
refman/_cpreqbody cherrypy._cpreqbody
refman/_cpreqbody Custom Processors
refman/_cpreqbody Classes
refman/_cpreqbody Functions
refman/_cprequest cherrypy._cprequest
refman/_cprequest Classes
refman/_cpserver cherrypy._cpserver
refman/_cpserver Classes
refman/_cptools cherrypy._cptools
refman/_cptools Classes
refman/_cptree cherrypy._cptree
refman/_cptree Classes
refman/_cpwsgi cherrypy._cpwsgi
refman/_cpwsgi Classes
refman/cherrypy cherrypy
refman/cherrypy Classes
refman/cherrypy Functions
refman/lib/index cherrypy.lib
refman/lib/auth cherrypy.lib.auth
refman/lib/auth Functions
refman/lib/auth_basic cherrypy.lib.auth_basic
refman/lib/auth_basic Functions
refman/lib/auth_digest cherrypy.lib.auth_digest
refman/lib/auth_digest Classes
refman/lib/auth_digest Functions
refman/lib/caching cherrypy.lib.caching
refman/lib/caching Usage
refman/lib/caching Classes
refman/lib/caching Functions
refman/lib/covercp cherrypy.lib.covercp
refman/lib/covercp Classes
refman/lib/covercp Functions
refman/lib/cpstats cherrypy.lib.cpstats
refman/lib/cpstats Overview
refman/lib/cpstats Data Gathering
refman/lib/cpstats Extrapolation
refman/lib/cpstats Reporting
refman/lib/cpstats Monitoring
refman/lib/cpstats Turning Collection Off
refman/lib/cpstats Usage
refman/lib/cpstats Classes
refman/lib/cptools cherrypy.lib.cptools
refman/lib/cptools Classes
refman/lib/cptools Functions
refman/lib/encoding cherrypy.lib.encoding
refman/lib/encoding Classes
refman/lib/encoding Functions
refman/lib/httpauth cherrypy.lib.httpauth
refman/lib/httpauth Functions
refman/lib/httputil cherrypy.lib.httputil
refman/lib/httputil Classes
refman/lib/httputil Functions
refman/lib/jsontools cherrypy.lib.jsontools
refman/lib/jsontools Functions
refman/lib/profiler cherrypy.lib.profiler
refman/lib/profiler CherryPy users
refman/lib/profiler CherryPy developers
refman/lib/profiler Classes
refman/lib/profiler Functions
refman/lib/reprconf cherrypy.lib.reprconf
refman/lib/reprconf Namespaces
refman/lib/reprconf Classes
refman/lib/reprconf Functions
refman/lib/sessions cherrypy.lib.sessions
refman/lib/sessions Locking sessions
refman/lib/sessions Expiring Sessions
refman/lib/sessions Session Fixation Protection
refman/lib/sessions Sharing Sessions
refman/lib/sessions Expiration Dates
refman/lib/sessions Classes
refman/lib/sessions Functions
refman/lib/static cherrypy.lib.static
refman/lib/static Functions
refman/lib/xmlrpc cherrypy.lib.xmlrpcutil
refman/lib/xmlrpc Functions
refman/process/index cherrypy.process
refman/process/servers cherrypy.process.servers – HTTP Server interfaces
refman/process/servers Multiple servers/ports
refman/process/servers FastCGI/SCGI
refman/process/servers FastCGI
refman/process/servers CherryPy code
refman/process/servers Apache
refman/process/servers Lighttpd
refman/process/servers Classes
refman/process/servers Functions
refman/process/win32 cherrypy.process.win32 – Bus support for Windows
refman/process/win32 Classes
refman/process/wspbus cherrypy.process.wspbus – The Web Site Process Bus
refman/process/wspbus Web Site Process Bus
refman/process/wspbus Classes
refman/process/plugins/index cherrypy.process.plugins – Engine Plugins
refman/process/plugins/index Classes
refman/process/plugins/index Monitors
refman/process/plugins/index Other Plugins
refman/process/plugins/signalhandler Handling Signals
refman/process/plugins/signalhandler SignalHandler
refman/process/plugins/signalhandler Windows Console Events
refman/process/plugins/dropprivileges Drop privileges
refman/process/plugins/dropprivileges Classes
refman/process/plugins/daemonizer Run as a daemon
refman/process/plugins/daemonizer Classes
refman/process/plugins/pidfile PID files
refman/process/plugins/pidfile Classes
refman/wsgiserver/index cherrypy.wsgiserver
refman/wsgiserver/init cherrypy.wsgiserver – WSGI Server
refman/wsgiserver/init HTTP
refman/wsgiserver/init Request Entities
refman/wsgiserver/init Exceptions
refman/wsgiserver/init Thread Pool
refman/wsgiserver/init SSL
refman/wsgiserver/init WSGI
refman/wsgiserver/ssl_builtin cherrypy.wsgiserver.ssl_builtin – Builtin SSL
refman/wsgiserver/ssl_builtin Classes
refman/wsgiserver/ssl_pyopenssl cherrypy.wsgiserver.ssl_pyopenssl – pyOpenSSL
refman/wsgiserver/ssl_pyopenssl Method One
refman/wsgiserver/ssl_pyopenssl Method Two (shortcut)
refman/wsgiserver/ssl_pyopenssl Classes
appendix/index appendix
appendix/cherrypyspeed How fast is CherryPy?
appendix/cherrypyspeed Introduction
appendix/cherrypyspeed Raw speed of the CherryPy HTTP server
appendix/faq Frequently Asked Questions
appendix/faq General
appendix/faq Server Features and Configuration
appendix/faq Development Questions
appendix/success Success Stories
appendix/success Websites running atop CherryPy
appendix/success Products based on CherryPy
appendix/success Products inspired by CherryPy
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