Apache Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool. Based on the concept of a project object model (POM), Maven can manage a project's build, reporting and documentation from a central piece of information.

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List of Commands

index Maven – Maven Documentation
development/guide-helping How to Contribute
development/guide-testing-releases test releases
mini/guide-maven-evangelism Maven Repository
getting-started/maven-in-five-minutes Getting Started in 5 Minutes
getting-started/index Getting Started in 30 Minutes
introduction/introduction-to-the-lifecycle The Build Lifecycle
introduction/introduction-to-the-pom The POM
introduction/introduction-to-profiles Profiles
introduction/introduction-to-repositories Repositories
introduction/introduction-to-the-standard-directory-layout Standard Directory Layout
introduction/introduction-to-dependency-mechanism The Dependency Mechanism
introduction/introduction-to-optional-and-excludes-dependencies Optional Dependencies and Dependency Exclusions
introduction/introduction-to-plugins Plugin Development
mini/guide-configuring-plugins Configuring Plug-ins
introduction/introduction-to-plugin-registry The Plugin Registry
introduction/introduction-to-plugin-prefix-mapping Plugin Prefix Resolution
introduction/introduction-to-plugin-resolution Introduction to Maven Plugin Resolution
plugin/guide-ant-plugin-development Developing Ant Plugins
plugin/guide-java-plugin-development Developing Java Plugins
mini/guide-site Creating a Site
mini/guide-snippet-macro Snippet Macro
introduction/introduction-to-archetypes What is an Archetype
mini/guide-creating-archetypes Creating Archetypes
mini/guide-m1-m2 From Maven 1.x to Maven 2.x
mini/guide-using-m1-repos-with-m2 Using Maven 1.x repositories with Maven 2.x
mini/guide-relocation Relocation of Artifacts
mini/guide-3rd-party-jars-local Installing 3rd party JARs to Local Repository
mini/guide-3rd-party-jars-remote Deploying 3rd party JARs to Remote Repository
mini/guide-coping-with-sun-jars Coping with Sun JARs
mini/guide-repository-ssl Remote repository access through authenticated HTTPS
mini/guide-assemblies Creating Assemblies
mini/guide-archive-configuration Configuring Archive Plugins
mini/guide-configuring-maven Configuring Maven
mini/guide-mirror-settings Mirror Settings
mini/guide-deployment-security-settings Deployment and Security Settings
mini/guide-generating-sources Generating Sources
mini/guide-manifest Working with Manifests
mini/guide-maven-classloading Maven Classloading
mini/guide-multiple-modules Using Multiple Modules in a Build
mini/guide-multiple-repositories Using Multiple Repositories
mini/guide-proxies Using Proxies
mini/guide-releasing Using the Release Plugin
mini/guide-using-ant Using Ant with Maven
mini/guide-using-modello Using Modello
mini/guide-webapp Webapps
mini/guide-using-extensions Using Extensions
mini/guide-building-for-different-environments Building For Different Environments with Maven 2
mini/guide-using-toolchains Using Toolchains
mini/guide-encryption Encrypting passwords in settings.xml
mini/guide-http-settings Guide to HTTP Connection Settings
mini/guide-wagon-providers Guide to Selecting Alternative Wagon Providers
mini/guide-building-jdk14-on-jdk15 Guide to Building JDK 1.4 Projects Using JDK 1.5
mini/guide-default-execution-ids Guide to Configuring Default Mojo Executions
mini/guide-ide-eclipse Eclipse
mini/guide-ide-idea IDEA
mini/guide-ide-netbeans/guide-ide-netbeans NetBeans 4.0 (4.1 and 5.0)
mini/guide-bash-m2-completion Maven 2.x Auto-Completion Using BASH
development/guide-building-maven Building Maven from Scratch
development/guide-maven-development Developing Maven
development/guide-plugin-documentation The Plugin Documentation Standard
development/guide-documentation-style Maven Documentation Style
mini/guide-new-committers Guide for New Committers
development/guide-testing-development-plugins Testing Development Versions of Plugins
mini/guide-naming-conventions Naming Conventions
mini/guide-using-one-source-directory When You Can't Use the Conventions
mini/guide-central-repository-upload Uploading Artifacts to the Central Repository
MavenQuickReferenceCard Maven Quick Reference Card - PDF
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