PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development

PHP is a server side scripting language with a close tie to C and Perl. Initially, it was developed to run on Apache server, and now pretty much any webserver can run PHP. Also, PHP can also be used as a general purpose scripting language.

PHPallows developer to interleave HTML and dynamic data in a same document. Whether or not you like it, this can make web development easier to do.

Many big websites have their root in PHP. Facebook is (or at least was) one of the giant PHP house. You can find its substrate with .php extension on the URL path.

Many CMS frameworks were written in PHP. Word Press and Drupal are such examples.

PHP is powerful and easy to learn. You will see its power when you play around with it

We attempted to put PHP Documentation in our NET SOUP framework to allow you to navigate between pieces of the documentation easier. We hop you find it useful.

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List of Links

copyright Copyright
manual PHP Manual
preface Preface
getting-started Getting Started
introduction Introduction
tutorial A simple tutorial
install Installation and Configuration
install General Installation Considerations
install Installation on Unix systems
install Installation on Mac OS X
install Installation on Windows systems
install Installation on Cloud Computing platforms
install FastCGI Process Manager (FPM)
install Installation of PECL extensions
install Problems?
configuration Runtime Configuration
langref Language Reference
language Basic syntax
language PHP tags
language Escaping from HTML
language Instruction separation
language Comments
language Types
language Introduction
language Booleans
language Integers
language Floating point numbers
language Strings
language Arrays
language Objects
language Resources
language NULL
language Callbacks
language Pseudo-types and variables used in this documentation
language Type Juggling
language Variables
language Basics
language Predefined Variables
language Variable scope
language Variable variables
language Variables From External Sources
language Constants
language Syntax
language Magic constants
language Expressions
language Operators
language Operator Precedence
language Arithmetic Operators
language Assignment Operators
language Bitwise Operators
language Comparison Operators
language Error Control Operators
language Execution Operators
language Incrementing/Decrementing Operators
language Logical Operators
language String Operators
language Array Operators
language Type Operators
language Control Structures
control-structures Introduction
control-structures if
control-structures else
control-structures elseif/else if
control-structures Alternative syntax for control structures
control-structures while
control-structures do-while
control-structures for
control-structures foreach
control-structures break
control-structures continue
control-structures switch
control-structures declare
function return
function require
function include
function require_once
function include_once
control-structures goto
language Functions
functions User-defined functions
functions Function arguments
functions Returning values
functions Variable functions
functions Internal (built-in) functions
functions Anonymous functions
language Classes and Objects
oop5 Introduction
language The Basics
language Properties
language Class Constants
language Autoloading Classes
language Constructors and Destructors
language Visibility
language Object Inheritance
language Scope Resolution Operator (::)
language Static Keyword
language Class Abstraction
language Object Interfaces
language Traits
language Overloading
language Object Iteration
language Magic Methods
language Final Keyword
language Object Cloning
language Comparing Objects
language Type Hinting
language Late Static Bindings
language Objects and references
language Object Serialization
language OOP Changelog
language Namespaces
language Namespaces overview
language Defining namespaces
language Declaring sub-namespaces
language Defining multiple namespaces in the same file
language Using namespaces: Basics
language Namespaces and dynamic language features
language namespace keyword and __NAMESPACE__ constant
language Using namespaces: Aliasing/Importing
language Global space
language Using namespaces: fallback to global function/constant
language Name resolution rules
language FAQ: things you need to know about namespaces
language Exceptions
language Extending Exceptions
language Generators
language Generators overview
language Generator syntax
language Comparing generators with Iterator objects
language References Explained
language What References Are
language What References Do
language What References Are Not
language Passing by Reference
language Returning References
language Unsetting References
language Spotting References
reserved Predefined Variables
language Superglobals
reserved $GLOBALS
reserved $_SERVER
reserved $_GET
reserved $_POST
reserved $_FILES
reserved $_REQUEST
reserved $_SESSION
reserved $_ENV
reserved $_COOKIE
reserved $php_errormsg
reserved $http_response_header
reserved $argc
reserved $argv
reserved Predefined Exceptions
class Exception
class ErrorException
reserved Predefined Interfaces and Classes
class Traversable
class Iterator
class IteratorAggregate
class ArrayAccess
class Serializable
class Closure
class Generator
context Context options and parameters
context Socket context options
context HTTP context options
context FTP context options
context SSL context options
context CURL context options
context Phar context options
context MongoDB context options
context Context parameters
wrappers Supported Protocols and Wrappers
wrappers file://
wrappers http://
wrappers ftp://
wrappers php://
wrappers zlib://
wrappers data://
wrappers glob://
wrappers phar://
wrappers ssh2://
wrappers rar://
wrappers ogg://
wrappers expect://
security Security
security Introduction
security General considerations
security Installed as CGI binary
security Installed as an Apache module
security Filesystem Security
security Database Security
security Error Reporting
security Using Register Globals
security User Submitted Data
security Magic Quotes
security Hiding PHP
security Keeping Current
features Features
features HTTP authentication with PHP
features Cookies
features Sessions
features Dealing with XForms
features Handling file uploads
features Using remote files
features Connection handling
features Persistent Database Connections
features Safe Mode
features Command line usage
features Garbage Collection
features DTrace Dynamic Tracing
funcref Function Reference
refs Affecting PHP's Behaviour
book APC
book APD
book bcompiler
book BLENC
book Error Handling
book htscanner
book inclued
book Memtrack
book OPcache
book Output Control
book PHP Options/Info
book runkit
book scream
book uopz
book Weakref
book WinCache
book Xhprof
refs Audio Formats Manipulation
book ID3
book KTaglib
book oggvorbis
book OpenAL
refs Authentication Services
book KADM5
book Radius
refs Command Line Specific Extensions
book Ncurses
book Newt
book Readline
refs Compression and Archive Extensions
book Bzip2
book LZF
book Phar
book Rar
book Zip
book Zlib
refs Credit Card Processing
book MCVE
refs Cryptography Extensions
book Crack
book Hash
book Mcrypt
book Mhash
book OpenSSL
book Password Hashing
refs Database Extensions
refs Abstraction Layers
refs Vendor Specific Database Extensions
refs Date and Time Related Extensions
book Calendar
book Date/Time
book HRTime
refs File System Related Extensions
book Direct IO
book Directories
book Fileinfo
book Filesystem
book Inotify
book Mimetype
book Proctitle
book xattr
book xdiff
refs Human Language and Character Encoding Support
book Enchant
book FriBiDi
book Gender
book Gettext
book iconv
book intl
book Multibyte String
book Pspell
book Recode
refs Image Processing and Generation
book Cairo
book Exif
book GD
book Gmagick
book ImageMagick
refs Mail Related Extensions
book Cyrus
book IMAP
book Mail
book Mailparse
book vpopmail
refs Mathematical Extensions
book BC Math
book GMP
book Lapack
book Math
book Statistics
book Trader
refs Non-Text MIME Output
book FDF
book GnuPG
book haru
book Ming
book PDF
book PS
book RPM Reader
refs Process Control Extensions
book Eio
book Ev
book Expect
book Libevent
book PCNTL
book POSIX
book Program execution
book pthreads
book Semaphore
book Shared Memory
book Sync
refs Other Basic Extensions
book GeoIP
book FANN
book JSON
book Judy
book Lua
book Misc.
book Parsekit
book SPL
book SPL Types
book Streams
book Tidy
book Tokenizer
book URLs
book V8js
book Yaml
book Yaf
book Taint
refs Other Services
book chdb
book cURL
book Event
book FAM
book FTP
book Gearman
book Gopher
book Gupnp
book HTTP
book Hyperwave API
book LDAP
book Memcache
book Memcached
book mqseries
book Network
book RRD
book SAM
book SNMP
book Sockets
book SSH2
book Stomp
book SVM
book SVN
book TCP
book Varnish
book YAZ
book YP/NIS
book 0MQ messaging
refs Search Engine Extensions
book mnoGoSearch
book Solr
book Sphinx
book Swish
refs Server Specific Extensions
book Apache
book FastCGI Process Manager
book IIS
book NSAPI
refs Session Extensions
book Msession
book Sessions
book Session PgSQL
refs Text Processing
book BBCode
book PCRE
book POSIX Regex
book ssdeep
book Strings
refs Variable and Type Related Extensions
book Arrays
book Classes/Objects
book Classkit
book Ctype
book Filter
book Function Handling
book Quickhash
book Reflection
book Variable handling
refs Web Services
book OAuth
book SCA
book SOAP
book Yar
book XML-RPC
refs Windows Only Extensions
book COM
book win32ps
book win32service
refs XML Manipulation
book DOM
book libxml
book SDO
book SDO-DAS-Relational
book SimpleXML
book WDDX
book XMLDiff
book XML Parser
book XMLReader
book XMLWriter
book XSL
internals2 PHP at the Core: A Hacker's Guide
internals2 Preface
internals2 Memory management
internals2 Working with Variables
internals2 Writing Functions
internals2 Writing Classes
internals2 Working with Resources
internals2 Working with INI settings
internals2 Working with streams
internals2 The "counter" Extension - A Continuing Example
internals2 The PHP 5 build system
internals2 Extension structure
internals2 PDO Driver How-To
internals2 Extension FAQs
internals2 Zend Engine 2 API reference
internals2 Zend Engine 2 Opcodes
internals2 Zend Engine 1
faq FAQ
faq General Information
faq Mailing lists
faq Obtaining PHP
faq Database issues
faq Installation
faq Build Problems
faq Using PHP
faq Password Hashing
faq PHP and HTML
faq PHP and COM
faq Migrating from PHP 4 to PHP 5
faq Miscellaneous Questions
appendices Appendices
history History of PHP and Related Projects
migration56 Migrating from PHP 5.5.x to PHP 5.6.x
migration55 Migrating from PHP 5.4.x to PHP 5.5.x
migration54 Migrating from PHP 5.3.x to PHP 5.4.x
migration53 Migrating from PHP 5.2.x to PHP 5.3.x
migration52 Migrating from PHP 5.1.x to PHP 5.2.x
migration51 Migrating from PHP 5.0.x to PHP 5.1.x
migration5 Migrating from PHP 4 to PHP 5.0.x
oop4 Classes and Objects (PHP 4)
debugger Debugging in PHP
configure Configure options
ini php.ini directives
extensions Extension List/Categorization
aliases List of Function Aliases
reserved List of Reserved Words
resource List of Resource Types
filters List of Available Filters
transports List of Supported Socket Transports
types PHP type comparison tables
tokens List of Parser Tokens
userlandnaming Userland Naming Guide
about About the manual
cc Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
indexes Index listing
doc Changelog
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