AMC-prepare - prepares working documents from LaTeX source file


auto-multiple-choice prepare --mode s --prefix project-dir mcq-source-file
auto-multiple-choice prepare --mode b --data project-data-dir mcq-source-file


The command extracts working documents from the source file describing the multiple choice questionnaire. Information to be extracted depends on the --mode argument value. In any mode, the source filename must be given as an argument.

* with "--mode s", makes the subject file (answer sheet to be printed and given to the students), the correction (single corrected answer sheet) and the positions file (file containing information about the positions of the boxes on the pages). The following arguments can be used:

--out-sujet subject.pdf

sets the subject file to build.

--out-corrige corrected.pdf

sets the correction to build.

--out-calage calage.xy

sets the positions file to build.

--prefix directory

this directory is only necessary if one or more of the three previous options are not used: default values are then directory/sujet.pdf, directory/corrige.pdf and directory/calage.xy.

* with "--mode b", extracts scoring data from the source file. In this mode, the --data argument must be used (see below).

The following optional arguments can be used in any mode:

--with latex-engine

gives the LaTeX engine (command) to be used. latex-engine can be pdflatex or xelatex for exemple.

--filter filter

sets the filter name to transform the MCQ source file into a LaTeX file. Native filters are latex (no change at all) and plain (source is an AMC-TXT file).

--filtered-source mcq-latex-file

gives the LaTeX file to make from the source file using specified filter. If omitted, a filename derived from mcq-source-file adding _filtered.tex is used.

--n-copies n

sets the number of copies to produce, overriding the number given in the LaTeX source file (first argument of the \onecopy command).

--debug file.log

gives a file to fill with debugging information.

--data project-data-dir

sets the directory where the project's SQLite data files are.


Alexis Bienven:ue <>

Main author

Jean B'erard

Translation from French

Georges Khaznadar

Translation from French


Copyright © 2008-2013 Alexis Bienven:ue

This document can be used according to the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.

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