Arch - GNU Arch Perl library


    use Arch 0.5.2;
    # perldoc Arch
    # axp man Arch
    # example: produce ChangeLog for the current project
    use Arch::Tree;
    foreach my $log (Arch::Tree->new->get_logs) {
        print "-" x 80, "\n";
        print $log->standard_date, "\n";
        print $log->summary, "\n\n";
        print $log->body;


The Arch-Perl library allows Perl developers to create GNU Arch front-ends in an object oriented fashion. GNU Arch is a decentralized, changeset-oriented revision control system.

Currently, a pragmatic high-level interface is built around tla or baz. This functionality was initially developed for ArchZoom project, and was highly enhanced to serve AXP and ArchWay projects as well.


Mikhael Goikhman (

Enno Cramer (


For more information, see tla, Arch::Backend, Arch::Changes, Arch::Changeset, Arch::DiffParser, Arch::FileHighlighter, Arch::Inventory, Arch::Library, Arch::LiteWeb, Arch::Log, Arch::Name, Arch::Registry, Arch::RevisionBunches, Arch::Run, Arch::RunLimit, Arch::Session, Arch::SharedCache, Arch::SharedIndex, Arch::Storage, Arch::Tarball, Arch::TempFiles, Arch::Test::Archive, Arch::Test::Cases, Arch::Test::Framework, Arch::Test::Tree. Arch::Tree, Arch::Util.

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