AuScanEvents - return the first event that satisfies the predicate


#include <audio/audiolib.h>

AuBool AuScanEvents(server, mode, dequeue, predicate, arg, event)

    AuServer *server;

    int mode;

    AuBool dequeue;

    AuBool (*predicate)(AuServer *,AuEvent *, AuPointer);

    AuPointer arg;

    AuEvent *event; /* RETURN */


Specifies the connection to the audio server.
Specifies how far to look for a match. This should be one of these constants: AuEventsQueuedAlready, AuEventsQueuedAfterReading, or AuEventsQueuedAfterFlush.
Specifies if a matching event is found, should it be removed from the queue.
Specifies the procedure that is called to determine if an event matches the criteria.
Specifies any additional arguments to be passed to the predicate procedure.
Returns the matching event if found.


AuScanEvents scans the event queue looking for the first event that satisfies the caller-supplied predicate. If mode is AuEventsQueuedAlready, AuScanEvents only checks for events already in the queue. If mode is AuEventsQueuedAfterReading, and a matching event isn't found already in the queue, AuScanEvents attempts to read more events out of the application's connection. If mode is AuEventsQueuedAfterFlush and a matching event isn't already in the queue or isn't waiting to be read, AuScanEvents flushes the output queue and attempts to read more events out of the application's connection. If dequeue is AuTrue, and a matching event is found, it is removed from the queue. The predicate procedure is called with the arguments server, event, and arg and should return AuTrue to indicate a match.

See Also

AuEventsQueued, AuScanForTypedEvent, AuNextEvent.

audiolib - Network Audio System C Language Interface

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